Corum & Dora
Keck Family

Dora Keck (Walker) is the fourth-born of Frank Walker and Leona Walker (Johnson). She and Corum Keck are the parents of Jerry, Rick, Jeff and Randy. They are also grandparents to (in order of birth), Carrie Perkinson (Keck), Sarah, Jake, Joey, Laura, Adam, Paul (PJ), Tyler, Sam, Ellen, Roman (Romie), Nick and Corey Keck. They are also great-grandparents to Emma and Abbie Perkinson, Chloƫ Keck, and Molly Keck. They live in Kokomo, Indiana.

Corum Let Brother-In-Law Drive His Car
Dora & Ada Pinning Jay's Diaper
Dora's Brother George Cured of Cussing
Corum's Job in Indiana
Corum Getting in the Wrong Bed
Dora Growing Up on th Farm
Dora Working on the Family Farm
Dora Wrecking Car with Son Jerry